If you’re looking to sell your guitar, banjo, mandolin, or other musical instrument, we want to buy it! We regularly purchase used guitars and we are happy to appraise your instrument at no charge. We’ll let you know what your guitar is worth, what you could expect to get for it if you wanted to sell your guitar privately, or what we could offer if you wanted to sell it to us.


What You Can Expect

We like to be upfront and transparent about how we purchase used instruments. This is what you can expect when you contact us about selling your guitar or other instrument:

We’ll Research Current Used Market Value – We use a number of resources to determine what we believe your guitar is worth. This includes looking at industry blue books, how other retail websites have priced the same or similar used models, and recent ebay transactions.

We’ll Consider The Condition Of Your Guitar – If your guitar has not been played much since you bought it, there may be issues you aren’t even aware of. Is the neck straight? Are there any cracks or separation in the wood? Are electronics working properly? Are the strings too high? How well does the guitar play? Does the guitar need any repair work? Mint condition vs. fair condition can greatly affect what your guitar is worth compared to current market value.

We’ll Make An Offer And Give You Options – We will tell you what we can offer for your guitar, but we’ll also let you know what we believe you could get if you were to sell it on your own through internet websites such as ebay or craigslist. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible. We also take trade-ins for other instruments or store credit. This is another way to get the most value for your guitar.